Meaning of sweetly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswiːtli/

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  • 1In a generally pleasing or endearing way.

    ‘he looked at his children sleeping sweetly’
    • ‘she blushes sweetly and innocently’
    • ‘The old actress turned slowly, smiling sweetly.’
    • ‘The ending is sweetly sentimental.’
    • ‘The film actually starts out quite sweetly with them living in the caravan.’
    • ‘He sweetly kissed her hand.’
    • ‘"Whatever you want," I replied sweetly.’
    1. 1.1In a smooth or easy manner; effectively.
      ‘his sweetly struck volley put them ahead’
      • ‘with their tactics working sweetly they pulled away’
      • ‘She travelled sweetly throughout, easing to the front over a furlong down to beat the other horse by a length.’
      • ‘The predatory player ran through to finish sweetly.’
      • ‘He picked the ball up 18 yards from goal and finished sweetly for his first goal of the season.’
      • ‘An innocuous looking free-kick was struck sweetly by the winger's left foot.’
      • ‘Few blockbuster publications can have been more sweetly timed.’
  • 2With a pleasantly sweet smell or taste.

    ‘sweetly scented honeysuckle’
    • ‘sweetly spiced dried fruit’
    • ‘She smelled sweetly of suncream.’
    • ‘The air smelled sweetly of summer.’
    • ‘The pork ribs were moist and tasted sweetly of tomatoes.’
    • ‘I took a sip of the smooth wine that tasted sweetly of seasonal fruit.’
    • ‘They sweetly scented flowers will attract butterflies to your garden.’
    1. 2.1With a melodious or pleasant sound.
      ‘birds sing sweetly all around’
      • ‘Once again, she sings sweetly.’
      • ‘Nightingales sang sweetly around them in the trees.’
      • ‘Their music glittered and shone, sweetly harmonised, and rang out across the courtyard.’
      • ‘The lines are sweetly sung.’
      • ‘Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.’