Meaning of swine fever in English:

swine fever

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mass noun
  • An intestinal viral disease of pigs.

    ‘However, a series of crises in farming including BSE, salmonella, swine fever and now foot and mouth, have resulted in millions of animals being destroyed.’
    • ‘Many of the welfare reforms affecting British farmers have come at a high price, and the ravages of BSE, swine fever and foot-and-mouth have forced them to dig deep to satisfy food safety regulations.’
    • ‘In addition to mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease, the United Kingdom saw an outbreak of classical swine fever, a disease believed to have been eradicated in the UK many years ago.’
    • ‘And for diseases such as African swine fever, there is no vaccine.’
    • ‘Recent outbreaks of diseases, including classical swine fever in Britain, had also highlighted the risks posed by imports of food products.’
    • ‘In many parts of the world diseases such as swine fever and foot and mouth are almost endemic, and can be readily transported across borders by imported meat products.’
    • ‘Mr Dillon warned that the consequences of such a policy would be greater exposure to food and mouth disease, swine fever, avian flu.’
    • ‘He stressed the bug is not connected to swine fever, the disease which hit headlines in late summer when it struck in pig herds in the south.’
    • ‘There are continued outbreaks of the deadly pig disease, swine fever, in Germany and Spain.’
    • ‘Many farmers were longing for change even before foot and mouth disease struck, and had seen profits slowly slide due to the BSE crisis, swine fever, cheap imports and increased bureaucracy.’
    • ‘By the following day, the story had broken - sending a farming industry already hammered by BSE, swine fever, floods and a slump in prices into panic.’
    • ‘Births among pedigree breeding pigs are down by half this year as a result of foot-and-mouth and classical swine fever, the British Pig Association said.’
    • ‘The effect of the virus became especially acute in Britain when swine fever and restrictions on animal movement meant overstocking and overcrowding.’
    • ‘There was a risk of highly contagious swine fever being brought into the country as well as foot and mouth.’
    • ‘He knew the procedure for reporting diseases as his herd suffered swine fever in 1975.’
    • ‘This is especially important to prevent outbreaks of swine fever and foot and mouth disease.’
    • ‘However, the inquiry was also asked to look wider at other animal diseases which pose a threat to livestock in Britain, such as classical and African swine fever.’
    • ‘In Korea, thousands of chickens have been slaughtered after the government said bird flu is spreading, while swine fever was detected in the country.’
    • ‘This summer, there was an outbreak of swine fever, and then there was the absolutely horrible weather this fall.’
    • ‘The pig industry has been holding its breath for the past week or two, following the first outbreak of swine fever since 1986.’