Meaning of switchblade in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswɪtʃbleɪd/

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mainly North American
  • A knife with a blade that springs out from the handle when a button is pressed; a flick knife.

    ‘Supposedly, the child has multiple weapons (including guns, knives, switchblades, etc) hidden in her room, and various drugs.’
    • ‘The Twins then put their switchblades back in their pockets and helped Melissa back on her feet.’
    • ‘Sticking his hand in his pocket to finger his switchblade, Roger sped up a bit, but the footsteps followed him in perfect synchronization.’
    • ‘Suddenly Jorge pulled out a switchblade from his pocket.’
    • ‘Her black eyes were unfocused, her other hand absent-mindedly fondling the pocketed switchblade.’
    • ‘Checking to make sure all the windows were closed and the doors locked, I pocketed my old switchblade and headed out the door.’
    • ‘The sneering henchmen that talked to her earlier walked forward and handed him a switchblade from his pocket.’
    • ‘He grabbed the switchblade from his back pocket as Carl got closer and closer.’
    • ‘They may not carry switchblades, but they have other weapons just as powerful in their arsenal.’
    • ‘I pulled my switchblade from my pocket and held it up.’
    • ‘He drew his switchblade from his pocket and pressed the blade release button.’
    • ‘You've got your 13-year-olds with switchblades coming out of every pocket.’
    • ‘The man drew out a switchblade the size of a penknife.’
    • ‘Dan reached into a pocket and pulled out a switchblade.’
    • ‘She picks up the switchblade and puts it into her pockets.’
    • ‘He took out the switchblade and replaced it with a survival knife from the supply box, knowing it would be more useful.’
    • ‘She wished she could reach the switchblade in her skirt's back pocket and cut herself loose.’
    • ‘I reached into my left jacket pocket and pulled out a switchblade knife.’
    • ‘They both carried switchblades and were involved in gambling and prostitution.’
    • ‘One display case was reserved for switchblades.’