Meaning of sword-bearer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɔːdbɛːrə/


  • An official who carries a sword for a sovereign or other dignitary on formal occasions.

    ‘The more important mayors were treated with great respect, and processed publicly with attendants such as a sword-bearer or mace-bearer; from the 15th cent. those of London and York came to be called lords mayor.’
    • ‘Two lesser officers are also in evidence, standing in front of Shipward; these are the sergeant-at-mace and the sword-bearer.’
    • ‘Pembroke had a long and distinguished political career, was sword-bearer at five coronations, and was a keen patron of the arts.’
    • ‘It is customary that six or eight ushers (or designated sword bearers) take part in the ceremony.’
    • ‘The sword-bearer hands the sword to the banner-bearer or another knight.’