Meaning of symphony orchestra in English:

symphony orchestra


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  • A large classical orchestra, including string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments.

    ‘The school has a strong music department and runs a symphony orchestra, a chamber orchestra, and several quartets.’
    • ‘The instrumentation of the military band is similar to that of the symphony orchestra, minus the strings, but with the addition of cornets and saxophones, and a multiplicity of flutes and clarinets of various sizes.’
    • ‘Work on a new media village at White City, west London, is almost complete but sources say plans for a new home for the BBC symphony orchestra and concert orchestra have been frozen.’
    • ‘There are signs of economies being made here: this venue was generally used for chamber music, and the large symphony orchestra of the first two concerts was replaced by a chamber orchestra.’
    • ‘Recent credits include premier performances of commissioned concerti for symphony orchestra and Taylor's ensemble Latin Fiesta.’
    • ‘This will allow as many children as possible to enjoy the unique experience of sharing a concert platform with a full symphony orchestra and an adult choral society.’
    • ‘He could write a symphonic movement or the elaborate counterpoint of a symphony orchestra, but why, if a back-and-forth between two chords could make as much or more of an effect?’
    • ‘The multicolored palette of a full symphony orchestra has been the perfect instrument to give voice to musical evocations of this Mediterranean land.’
    • ‘The procession will be accompanied by a full symphony orchestra and 800 choristers with military, brass and steel bands.’
    • ‘Italian saxophonist Di Battista was a teenage jazz fan who studied classical music, and this portrait of Rome throws the emphasis on his classical side, wrapping a jazz quartet inside a silky symphony orchestra.’
    • ‘There were maybe 40 members, and performances could include a symphony orchestra, punk musicians, and a massive Soviet marching band - all playing simultaneously.’
    • ‘The symphony orchestra was performing Beethoven's ‘Ninth’.’
    • ‘There is a wealth of repertoire to tempt those outside the symphony orchestra, whether through lack of opportunity, or choice of direction.’
    • ‘The chamber ensemble expands several times a year to a full symphony orchestra with musicians from all over the world represented in their ranks.’
    • ‘Soprano Christina Brandes doesn't sound at all put out not to have the full symphony orchestra surging away beneath her in the finale.’
    • ‘Europe provided Australian music with its early role models and its institutions: the concert hall, the opera house, the symphony orchestra.’
    • ‘Designed to accommodate both a symphony orchestra and a large choir, the stage is about 250m square.’
    • ‘You would never describe this music as subtle, but it certainly takes the symphony orchestra somewhere new!’
    • ‘At 42 she makes well over three million dollars a year from sixty performances, which is more than the combined income of players in a symphony orchestra in Britain or Scandinavia.’
    • ‘Is this latter development so different than the evolutionary changes brought about by the emergence of the modern symphony orchestra?’