Meaning of symplasm in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪmplaz(ə)m/


  • A symplast, especially the cytoplasm of which it is composed.

    ‘Likewise, efflux from the root symplasm to the transpiration stream must cross the plasma membrane of cells within the stele of the root.’
    • ‘Exchanges of solutes between apoplastic and symplastic compartments, including contamination by phloem sap or by the symplasm of wounded cells at the leaf section, probably accompany this ebb and flow of apoplastic water.’
    • ‘The barrier formed by the Casparian band suggests that to reach the stele, water has to enter the symplasm and cross the membranes of endodermal cells or other cell types that sit external to the endodermis.’
    • ‘As a general rule, the time of exposure to the labelled solution should be long enough to allow nutrients to pass the free space of the apoplasm and to reach the symplasm.’
    • ‘Consequently, ions are taken up into the symplasm (shaded area) at the plasma membranes of the epidermis or cortex or the outer face of the endodermis.’