Meaning of synagogue in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪnəɡɒɡ/

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  • 1The building where a Jewish assembly or congregation meets for religious worship and instruction.

    ‘During the past few years I have been giving workshops on the psychology of prayer at temples, synagogues, and Jewish book fairs nationwide.’
    • ‘They can't even go to the synagogue to fulfil their religious duties on the Sabbath.’
    • ‘So when you go there, you see mosques beside churches, Hindu temples beside Jewish synagogues.’
    • ‘The God-centered religion of most synagogues and churches does not inspire the postmodern seeker; she wants to turn inward.’
    • ‘Marriage is, mostly, a religious ceremony performed in churches/mosques / synagogues based on ancient religious laws.’
    • ‘A large number of Jewish institutions and synagogues have programs for helping others.’
    • ‘The old ones tell me there was a Jewish quarter, a synagogue, study halls, and a cemetery.’
    • ‘If you are not sure of the Jewish date, contact a synagogue, yeshiva or funeral home and they will surely help you.’
    • ‘Prominent edifices such as historic structures, public buildings, churches, synagogues, and high rises get special treatment.’
    • ‘The author does not ignore the fact that churches and synagogues are buildings for public worship.’
    • ‘Besides his paintings and glass-windows for Roman-Catholic cathedrals and Jewish synagogues, he created a rich plethora of prints.’
    • ‘Yet many of his students were raised in Christian churches or Jewish synagogues.’
    • ‘When the Torah is taken out in the synagogue, the entire congregation must stand as long as it is being carried.’
    • ‘Almost everywhere there are new churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples springing to life along our vast exurban periphery.’
    • ‘Among the most famous is the story of his disappearance one Yom Kippur from his synagogue.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the first millennium of the Christian era, synagogues were all-purpose buildings for assembly in village and town.’
    • ‘Multiethnicity is demonstrated by the many churches, synagogues, Hindu temples, and mosques.’
    • ‘This was familiar territory for him: the synagogues, the religious tradition, and his people coming to hear and be healed by him.’
    1. 1.1A Jewish assembly or congregation.
      ‘Despite the controversial nature of the film, 15 Orthodox synagogues have asked for a screening.’
      • ‘Not longer after that my mother began to attend a liberal synagogue, and I joined her.’
      • ‘At least some members of the evangelist's communities have parted company painfully with local synagogues.’
      • ‘He gave one tenth of his income to the synagogue and was very religious.’
      • ‘Individual churches, synagogues, and temples could make their own rules about which marriages they would bless.’
      • ‘I told him that was not my purpose; that I would send these men to join mosques, synagogues, churches and temples.’
      • ‘My family spends part of every holiday at the home of the Hazzan of my synagogue.’


Middle English via Old French and late Latin from Greek sunagōgē ‘meeting’, from sun- ‘together’ + agein ‘bring’.