Meaning of syncarpous in English:


Pronunciation /sɪnˈkɑːpəs/


  • (of a flower, fruit, or ovary) having the carpels united.

    Often contrasted with apocarpous

    ‘At anthesis, the ovary is completely septate; the syncarpous part (ovary and lower style) is completely symplicate.’
    • ‘Unfortunately their findings have been largely overlooked and most pomologists assume that apple flowers have an imperfectly syncarpous gynoecium.’
    • ‘False septums may have been put in later on which could lead to the misapprehension of a syncarpous ovary at superficial examination.’
    • ‘If ovaries are entirely fused together, gynaecium is syncarpous.’
    • ‘Since all the carpels came from a single compartmented gynoecium (compound pistil), the gynoecium is referred to as syncarpous.’


Mid 19th century from syn- ‘together’ + Greek karpos ‘fruit’ + -ous.