Meaning of synchronously in English:



See synchronous

‘First, pairwise comparisons showed that tropical species, which generally breed less synchronously than temperate species, had smaller testes than their temperate counterparts.’
  • ‘Some companies synchronously replicate data over a dedicated network to a secondary site, where tape backup is taken; however the tapes still need to leave that site to provide true data protection.’
  • ‘Where I spend most of my time, in Maine and in central Vermont, new leaves of all the deciduous tree species usually emerge relatively synchronously in mid-May, over the short span of about two weeks.’
  • ‘The increased pace of business means that processes are not only distributed, but that teamwork around these processes must happen synchronously or at least with increasingly rapid turnaround.’
  • ‘However, when more than two broods were found that hatched synchronously, we matched preferentially those with a similar number of nestlings and placed in the same part or section of the stable.’