Meaning of synergy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪnədʒi/

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(also synergism)
mass noun
  • The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

    ‘the synergy between artist and record company’
    • ‘As in that case, the greater effects of synergy usually arise for the smaller companies.’
    • ‘The concept that synergism or interaction of chemicals is possible is not considered in the risk-assessment models.’
    • ‘We have found few data on synergy between different treatments.’
    • ‘If these drugs show synergy, they may be used in combination in the future.’
    • ‘This provides for more synergy and becomes another part of our ongoing training.’
    • ‘These again need to be clarified, and they need to be designed so that there is synergy rather than uncoordinated effort.’
    • ‘Herbalists often claim that the admixture of multiple constituents leads to synergism between the active moieties.’
    • ‘It would have been very desirable to take a very hard look at what synergy the merger might realistically achieve.’
    • ‘The mechanisms involved in the synergism and antagonism are currently unknown and deserve extensive investigation.’
    • ‘Hopefully, this will create added synergy when combined with what we and the team learned from the race last year.’
    • ‘You have the right support, cooperation and synergy in the work place to achieve goals.’
    • ‘They saw the potential of our business synergy and introduced me to key decision makers of the company.’
    • ‘As the last few years have gone past, it came down, really, to the biggest synergy being in the lab.’
    • ‘We really believe there is tremendous synergy between enterprise and the carrier.’
    • ‘It makes sense to build health networks that encourage synergies between agencies, even when philosophies differ.’
    • ‘The forecast for each of the firms does not take account of the synergies from combining the three companies.’
    • ‘We must continue to develop policies that contribute to the continued synergy of all forces.’
    • ‘The sickle-cell findings also showed that there is synergism of innate resistance and acquired immunity.’
    • ‘If you're a serious trainer, you have to be concerned with nutritional synergy.’
    • ‘That synergy has produced fresh looks at everything from seasonal plantings to websites.’
    collaboration, working together, joint action, combined effort, teamwork, mutual support, partnership, coopetition, coordination, liaison, association, synergy, unity, concurrence, concord, accord, understanding, give and take, compromise


Mid 17th century (denoting cooperation): from modern Latin synergia cooperation, from Greek sunergia, from sunergos ‘working together’, from sun- ‘together’ + ergon ‘work’.