Meaning of systematize in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪstəməˌtʌɪz/

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(also British systematise)
[with object]
  • Arrange according to an organized system; make systematic.

    ‘Galen set about systematizing medical thought’
    • ‘Kant insisted that although we cannot prove that nature is purposively organized, we must systematize our empirical knowledge by viewing nature as if it were so organized.’
    • ‘By using mathematics to organise and systematise our ideas about patterns, we have discovered a great secret.’
    • ‘Family relationships were systematized, rationalized, codified, and ritualized sufficiently to be employed in a variety of productive enterprises of small and medium scale.’
    • ‘He classified entities hence and systematized knowledge.’
    • ‘Then they try to codify it in a film or systematize it in a program.’
    • ‘That's what the famous theologian called our inherent and essentially insatiable drive to meticulously systematise our lives, until every conceivable phenomenon is both categorised and comprehended.’
    • ‘Now, border police, highway patrol police, and municipal police, all trained in Kabul, are incrementally introduced to professionalize and systematize the application of law at the local level.’
    • ‘So I immediately wrote this off as yet another attempt by geeks to cope with the social chaos of everyday life by rigidly systematizing it.’
    • ‘They're systematizing their fantasy lives, and thereby structuring their subjective worlds.’
    • ‘But I don't think those techniques, in the sense that they're ‘techniques’ that can even be systematized, have crossed into pop music yet, or if they ever will.’
    • ‘In many cases, such as many systematized franchise-retail operations, there just is no middle-level management, where earning more than subsistence wages is possible.’
    • ‘If you accept that you have to do mass education - and, to keep costs low and for a lot of other reasons, I think that's not an unreasonable conclusion - you have to systematize it.’
    • ‘The goal of this policy is to systematize the connection between the scientists abroad and their home.’
    • ‘Although Asia formulated the democratic idea far ahead of the West, it did not systematize it.’
    • ‘As the illness progresses, the individual tries to make sense of all the abnormal experiences and develops well systematised delusions.’
    • ‘If we seek to build a multicultural society, it might be useful to create a national body to systematise this investigation and propose changes to our systems of government.’
    • ‘What is important however, is that we initiate and systematise solutions that strengthen our capacity to protect children within our institutions.’
    • ‘Can we systematise some of these views on trust?’
    • ‘Both men helped to systematize chemistry, to define the law of definite proportions and the underlying atomic and elemental principles.’
    • ‘The teachers were native speakers of the language, and the materials used were so systematized and the directions so precise that it was possible to employ quite young and relatively untried people as teachers.’
    categorize, class, group, put into sets, grade, rank, rate, order, organize, range, sort, type, codify, bracket, systematize, systemize, stratify, catalogue, tabulate, list, file, index