Meaning of systemic grammar in English:

systemic grammar


(also systemic linguistics)
mass nounLinguistics
  • A method of analysis based on the conception of language as a network of systems determining the options from which speakers choose in accordance with their communicative goals.

    ‘Register is important in systemic linguistics because it is seen as the linguistic consequence of interacting aspects of context, which Haliday calls ‘field, tenor, and mode.’’
    • ‘The second cluster includes education and critical literacies and systemic linguistics, both with roots in an empirical social science tradition, with a focus on process and structure rather than form and content.’
    • ‘It does not teach the metalanguage of systemic linguistics to students; it uses systemic linguistics to organise and present the systems of language and organisation with which the software program is designed.’
    • ‘The aim of the project is to examine the contribution functional systemic linguistics can provide in the field of translation research with a view to perfecting an interactive computer program based on pre-translation text analysis and actual translation practice.’