Meaning of T-shirt in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtiːʃəːt/

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(also tee shirt)
  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat.

    ‘Stripes are striking out on the style front too, on T-shirts, cotton shirts and shorts too.’
    • ‘She quickly changed her jeans and exchanged her tee shirt for a bulky sweatshirt.’
    • ‘He wore white slip-on shoes, brown jeans, a blue T-shirt and a yellow sports jacket.’
    • ‘The store sells only shirts and T-shirts and the variety is quite fascinating.’
    • ‘The neat cut means that they look as good with tailoring and smart shoes as they do with casual T-shirts and trainers.’
    • ‘Many companies now market shirts and T-shirts that are designed to filter out ultraviolet light.’
    • ‘She was dressed simply in a T-shirt and fitted jeans that favored her long, shapely legs.’
    • ‘I glided over to my pajama drawer and selected a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt to wear to bed.’
    • ‘They wore jeans, T-shirts and baseball hats, with not a tattoo or piercing in sight.’
    • ‘Everyone there was dressed for the hot summer sun, in bathing suits and oversized T-shirts.’
    • ‘Jude entered with his soft brown hair amiss and wearing his nightclothes - a white tee shirt and a pair of blue plaid pants.’
    • ‘To glam up, throw on a velvet blazer with a pair of dark jeans and a slogan T-shirt.’
    • ‘Substituting a tee shirt for a blazer made all the difference in the world.’
    • ‘She could either wear her denim skirt and a pink halter or a pair of kaki capris and a blue tee shirt.’
    • ‘I opened my drawer as silently as I could so as to not wake Jake up, and pulled out a pair of blue jeans and a black tee shirt.’
    • ‘Slipping on a tee shirt and jeans, she began to brush her teeth when she heard a voice, obscure and distant.’
    • ‘He pulled off his dirty tee shirt and denim jeans and stepped into the shower.’
    • ‘When I finally reached my dresser I pulled out a dark pair of jeans with a pink tee shirt.’
    • ‘A tall young man wearing jeans and a white tee shirt held the door for them and followed them in.’
    • ‘The company had initially prospered by selling cheap and cheerful T-shirts and jeans.’