Meaning of T-shirted in English:



(also tee-shirted)

See T-shirt

‘Following a T-shirted bouncer through the sold-out crowd of about 450, Mr. Bell hopped onto the stage.’
  • ‘All three arrived with packs of T-shirted supporters and campaign paraphernalia more typical of a general election campaign than an early-season event.’
  • ‘It was warm and still and full of t-shirted people lazing around, lying in small groups, chatting quietly to each other as they stared up at the trees.’
  • ‘Tee-shirted young men in tight-fitting jeans roamed about with solemn, unsmiling expressions.’
  • ‘Unlike the '60s of tie-dyed, T-shirted hippies caterwauling folk songs of peace, the year 1964 was closer in spirit to the '50s than the tumult usually associated with the stereotypical '60s.’