Meaning of ta-da in English:


Pronunciation /təˈdɑː/


(also ta-dah)
  • An imitation of a fanfare (typically used to indicate an impressive entrance or a dramatic announcement).

    ‘After his game of Mario Kart 64, he put in the disk and installed the driver… and ta-da!’
    • ‘Then, she'd toss out the rules and just go with what felt comfortable for her and find a decent guy and ta-da!’
    • ‘Most people's idea of labour is that your waters break, contractions start, you make a mad dash to hospital and - ta-da! - your baby is born.’
    • ‘If you can win that person over, the rest should follow along, and ta-da!’
    • ‘And… ta-da… guess what Hyundai's new strategy is?’
    • ‘I added bagels and jam and juice and milk and laid out the feast: ta-da.’
    • ‘Well, she got to the city, tracked him down, and, ta-da, they were back together.’
    • ‘And ta-da, it got you a, as you say, ‘hot’ boyfriend.’
    • ‘How she could get a job like this without her father working as the branch manager was beyond her, but luckily for her - ta-da - she had a computerized calculator.’
    • ‘Stories became legends and, ta-da, people make important financial and emotional decisions based on them eons later.’
    • ‘I did some job hunting within the past month and, ta-da, found the best deal yet.’
    • ‘This way she could play it and record it on the laptop, use her program to write the chords out and then: ta-da she would be happy and be one more composition richer!’


1920s imitative.