Meaning of tabac in English:


nounplural noun tabac/taˈbak/ /taba/

  • (in French-speaking countries) a tobacconist's shop.

    ‘The fact that the small ‘tabac’ or tobacconist's shop within the café is to be closed by the new owner of Deux Moulins has intensified regulars' fears.’
    • ‘Even the minority who think the euro a catastrophe and see themselves not as Europeans, not even as French citizens primarily, but as ‘Savoyards’, have been to the tabac and bought a starter pack of coins.’
    • ‘And meanwhile behind me was a line of cars, like the muttering people at the tabac, impatient for me to get moving.’
    • ‘The Seattle-based retailer is taking France's coffee-drinking traditions — either standing up at the tabac or stretched out after a long lunch — head on.’



/taˈbak/ /taba/


French, literally tobacco.