Meaning of tabetic in English:


Pronunciation /təˈbɛtɪk/



See tabes

‘There is a history of syphilis in from seventy-five to ninety per cent of all tabetic cases.’
  • ‘The fact that today we do not see the typical tabetic patient so often is no reason to believe that late syphilis has been eliminated.’
  • ‘In 1921, Guillain described a reversible form of acute tabetic ataxia that develops abruptly and improves completely on early suitable treatment.’
  • ‘Here, we report a young man with rapidly progressive tabetic neurosyphilis admitted to our hospital in October 1999.’
  • ‘He also contributed to Charcot's classical study of tabes dorsalis published in 1868, which established the differential diagnosis between the arthropathies caused by rheumatoid arthritis and those associated with tabetic lesions.’