Meaning of table drain in English:

table drain


  • A very shallow drain set into a road or other surface.

    ‘the kangaroo jumped over the table drain straight into my front wheel’
    • ‘Most of Australia's rural road network is in relatively easy terrain with ample road reserve, and in such conditions flat table drains can be readily provided.’
    • ‘Seed dispersal through canola dribbling off the back of a truck and growing in table drains will have an impact.’
    • ‘Increased efforts should be focused on improved maintenance of roadside drainage structures, such as table drains and cut-offs.’
    • ‘Further works completed to date have been on the existing drainage network and include cleaning out of open table drains and installation of a new culvert.’
    • ‘Once you lose control altogether and slide into the table drain beside the road you are exposing your vehicle to much wetter and deeper mud in the drain.’
    • ‘I drove in the table drains as much as possible, avoiding the crown of the road and its teeth-rattling corrugations.’