Meaning of table lamp in English:

table lamp


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  • A small lamp designed to stand on a table.

    ‘A faint light, probably that of a table lamp, shone through his window.’
    • ‘Place one or several under a table lamp within the circle of brightest light; the colors will glow.’
    • ‘The room was illuminated only by a small table lamp in the corner.’
    • ‘Instead it knocked the table lamp onto the floor.’
    • ‘The girl shivered and turned the table lamp on and off.’
    • ‘The table lamp glowed eerily, and the curtains were drawn.’
    • ‘She made her way down the dark hallway, and flipped on a small table lamp in the living room without remembering that Matthew was sleeping on the couch.’
    • ‘Kevin quietly packed her things and switched off the table lamp.’
    • ‘There were nightstands next to each of them, a blue table lamp on each.’
    • ‘Turning off the table lamp, she slipped into bed and turned away from her friend, grabbing hold of her pillow.’
    • ‘He carefully laid out the stones it contained on the material and then brought the table lamp over so that she could see them sparkle against the dark backdrop.’
    • ‘She had turned the table lamp down so that a soft glow filled the cabin.’
    • ‘Almost afraid to touch it, he delicately set it next to the small table lamp.’
    • ‘Here, two tables were placed by the sofa, providing space for a table lamp and a place to rest a book or drink.’
    • ‘When she shut the door and walked back into the room she turned on a single table lamp.’
    • ‘The room was dark, with only the table lamp on dimly beside where she was sitting.’
    • ‘Reaching over and clicking the table lamp off, I let my head fall back on my pillow.’
    • ‘The room is only lit by one small table lamp and a television murmurs in the corner.’
    • ‘There's even a power outlet by my feet for the restaurant's table lamp.’
    • ‘She wandered over and switched the small crystal table lamp on, bathing the whole room in a creamy light.’