Meaning of table licence in English:

table licence


  • A licence permitting a restaurateur or hotelier to serve alcoholic drinks only with meals.

    ‘It has a table licence and has an extensive menu which includes many farmhouse delicacies.’
    • ‘We do not have a table licence, but our guests are welcome to bring their own wine or beer.’
    • ‘We do not have a table licence for alcohol but guests are welcome to bring their own.’
    • ‘The restaurant also opens every evening at the height of the season with a full table licence and waitress service.’
    • ‘Wine can be selected with your meal, thanks to the first table licence granted in the history of the Allan Guest House.’
    • ‘We hold a table licence for alcoholic drinks served with your meal, and, of course, no afternoon would be complete without indulging in one of our delicious cream teas.’
    • ‘Whilst we do not hold a table licence, we are happy to serve guests their own wines.’
    • ‘At the moment, Laraz lacks a table licence, though one is being sought.’
    • ‘It took another year to secure a table licence, not without hassle.’
    • ‘We have excellent caterers who can meet the most exacting requirements, together with an extensive range of wines for use with our table licence.’
    • ‘Hotels which lost their public bars nevertheless retained their table licences, allowing them to provide diners with a drink along with their meals - provided they lived at least three miles outside the town.’
    • ‘It was a campaign which was eventually to be lost, but some strongholds held out for many decades; with Crieff Hydro the last major hotel in Britain to acquire a table licence, as late as 1983.’