Meaning of table manners in English:

table manners


plural noun

  • Behaviour that is conventionally required while eating at table.

    ‘table manners are a relatively recent invention’
    • ‘his table manners were not as nice as they should have been’
    • ‘Social behaviour, table manners and etiquette are being taught by teachers from catering colleges in the city.’
    • ‘So, I find myself very well rehearsed in the fine arts of etiquette, including table manners, polite conversation and flattery.’
    • ‘The course comprises basic communication skills, group discussion, public speaking, body language, etiquette, and table manners.’
    • ‘There are even classes on table manners and common courtesy.’
    • ‘Etiquette is about table manners, ways of sitting, standing and talking, and how to address people appropriately.’
    • ‘Not until then however had I realized that good table manners not only means a good verbal and physical behaviour, but also involves reduction of waste to a minimum.’
    • ‘The module includes showing students how they should dress in a formal setting, how to socialise at a dinner table, how to ensure their table manners are correct and, of course, how to shell fish and eat fish correctly!’
    • ‘Socialization involves mastering table manners and politeness, but it also concerns learning how to conform to the world's most terrible ways.’
    • ‘Through such works, we can trace the development of modern forms of politeness and table manners.’
    • ‘I'm polite, educated, have good table manners and a stash of preppy clothes for work purposes, and once in a while, I even tell a clean joke.’
    • ‘With 30 teachers from overseas, the academy will offer flexible schedules, consisting of workshops and diploma courses on such topics as make-up, table manners, communication skills and proper dressing.’
    • ‘Picture a kind, soft spoken young woman with perfect table manners, in khakis and simple shoes, rushing to do the last thing anyone has time for on a hectic moving day: reply to an e-mail of questions for some student newspaper in Waterloo.’
    • ‘Other children's programs are offered for this Sunday and Saturday, July 10, with a short course on table manners and a children's fashion show consecutively.’
    • ‘This just goes to show that we Brits have a thing or two to learn when it comes to table manners.’
    • ‘We ate at the main table in the hotel with the regular guests which involved learning western table manners and making conversation in English with those guests who would ask us a kind question or two.’
    • ‘He has perfect table manners - he eats daintily, tie firmly tucked in coat, no trace of food particles on his fingers or mouth, the white napkin unsullied.’
    • ‘I have, however, dined with companions who lacked table manners.’
    • ‘The first module, called Elegance, includes five lectures about the French and English styles of table arrangement and table manners.’
    • ‘When they do get to sit down together, parents want quality time - they don't want to spend the meal rebuking their offspring for bad table manners and a surly attitude.’
    • ‘Lecture them on how they can improve their child's discipline, patience, tolerance, toilet training, and table manners.’