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table mat


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  • A small mat used for protecting the surface of a table from hot dishes.

    ‘You can pick up the one that perfectly matches the colour of your dining table mat.’
    • ‘In no time flat we had selected a card, and some face cloths, and some table mats and coasters - when do you ever go into a department store for one small item and come out with nothing else?’
    • ‘‘Knitting door mats, table mats, jerseys and socks helps keep most of the children occupied, while at the same time earning an income that helps contribute to their families incomes once the finished products are sold,’ she says.’
    • ‘The showrooms experience a general demand for table mats and coasters and various hand crafted items, specially for exports.’
    • ‘Now the tribe is set to become a global phenomenon, with talk of expanding the range of merchandising from cards, tea towels, table mats and mugs, into bags, a coffee-table book, children's books and even an animated film.’
    • ‘She invented the game to amuse the children of the workers, making pictures from felt scraps applied to the fuzzy side of table mats.’
    • ‘You sit on benches, table mats are paper and the cups are plastic.’
    • ‘Weaving is used for house walls, fences, roofs, baskets, mats, traps, table mats, cushions, and receptacles for drink and food.’
    • ‘They tip their cups upside down, spill their orange juice on to the ground, bang their plates on the table scattering the food far and wide, and wear the table mats on their heads.’
    • ‘Carpets from Warangal, table mats from Tamil Nadu and curios made from white and black-metal have added charm to the show.’
    • ‘Knowingly or not, we have all seen Wenceslas Hollar's pictures over and over again in fine books, in tourist guides or on table mats.’
    • ‘Each of us has at least one quilt and there are cushions and table mats, dressing gowns, toys and even a patchwork chair.’
    • ‘A set of table mats and a couple of good runners will delight my aunts.’
    • ‘Sam runs his own company, manufacturing plastic table mats, and is placid only in between his frequent outbursts.’
    table mat, place mat