Meaning of table wine in English:

table wine



mass noun
  • Wine of moderate quality considered suitable for drinking with a meal.

    count noun ‘these were table wines for local use’
    • ‘Still, domestic table wine comprises just over two-thirds of the entire U.S. wine market (imported table wine accounts for 22.7%).’
    • ‘In Britain we now consume 10 times as much table wine as we drank in the Sixties and it is predicted that we will drink twice as much again within the next 20 years.’
    • ‘France, will I ever forget drinking your table wine, and carrying out back breaking manual labour for my exchange family.’
    • ‘We have a lot of our own vegetables, our own extra virgin olive oil and we recently bought a small vineyard, so produce our own table wine.’
    • ‘Too many times have we seen our everyday, $4 table wine in California go for $20-24 in a restaurant here.’
    • ‘These huge surges pushed Pinot Grigio to the position of the number one imported category of table wine in the United States as it raced past former import leaders Merlot and Chardonnay.’
    • ‘A vintage Port that has been aged for twenty or more years is likely to be as fragile as any table wine of similar age.’
    • ‘It was there, in a restaurant just off the main high street, that I tasted my first Portuguese table wine: a sharp, slightly fizzy white wine that was raspingly dry.’
    • ‘In short, Languedoc became the workhorse of the French wine industry, producing low-quality table wine for every home in France.’
    • ‘They're spending millions to create consistent brands recognized around the world, while Gallic winegrowers are turning out too much low-quality table wine with mystifying labels.’
    • ‘These vines produced huge crops of appalling table wine and eating grapes.’
    • ‘Producing modest bulk table wine meant a fine living for the majority of small vineyard owners and the burgeoning cooperative wineries, and there was no incentive to rock the boat.’
    • ‘The winery was bought by a couple of Italian immigrants, Edoardo and Angela Seghesio, in 1895, and for the next 80 years the family produced commercial table wine, the kind you would buy by the gallon rather than the bottle.’
    • ‘There is so much on the market that some French table wine is now cheaper than expensive mineral water.’
    • ‘So, he said, ‘It's not something very special, it's just table wine.’’
    • ‘Thanks so much to everyone who has written in to suggest an inexpensive, palatable red table wine!’
    • ‘It helped when Ernest and Julio Gallo introduced inexpensive table wine to the mass market in the late '60s, eventually making the cover of Time magazine.’
    • ‘Wine was not included in the survey, although an ordinary bottle of table wine sells for around €0.40 in Spain compared to at least €4 here.’
    • ‘In the past decade, however, Argentina has started to switch from producing large amounts of table wine to smaller quantities of higher-quality brands for export.’
    • ‘Paris is cheapest for table wine, at 3.90 euro per 0.75 litres compared with 7.91 euro in Dublin.’