Meaning of tableau curtains in English:

tableau curtains

plural noun

  • (in the theatre) a pair of curtains drawn open by diagonal cords fixed to the lower inner corners.

    ‘It is equipped with two sets of tableau curtains.’
    • ‘As well as the new flying system, the theatre has recently been repainted and has new heating, a new Box Office, new hall curtains and new main tableau curtains, plus tiered seating.’
    • ‘The principle of putting on and off the sails is like the theatre tableau curtains.’
    • ‘Another object of the present invention is to provide a curtain drawer arrangement which is also effective in drawing tableau curtains or super-sized curtains such as those used in large-sized conference rooms.’
    • ‘After that he opened his own studio where - as we have derived from his account books - he created sets for entire performances, house tabs, tableau curtains, or individual pieces of scenery for all the Copenhagen theatres.’