Meaning of tableful in English:


Pronunciation /ˈteɪb(ə)lfʊl/

nounplural noun tablefuls

See table

‘At least, that's the way I heard Monica tell the story at a Friar's Club tableful of comedians, all of whom nodded that he'd done that to them, as well.’
  • ‘A few years ago, I was sitting with a tableful of artists who agreed to an equally bleak, and equally wrong, assessment of art.’
  • ‘Then one evening he had timidly inserted himself into a tableful of them because the pub was packed - Saturday night - and the bar owner had yanked a chair up to this table for him.’
  • ‘It's rare to see a tableful of boisterous eaters shocked into introspective silence by a single bite of food.’
  • ‘Of course, I also had to smile at the thought of a tableful of law professors grilling him.’