Meaning of tablemate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈteɪb(ə)lmeɪt/


  • A person's companion at a meal.

    ‘I lifted mine to read which state's flower I'd been given, urging my table mates to do the same.’
    • ‘Three minutes later, our second table mate left, giving up on his dessert.’
    • ‘We went for our continental breakfast around this time, and had no conversation (mercifully) with our table mates.’
    • ‘We're told the governor had his table mates in stitches doing an impression.’
    • ‘It however set one of table mates to engage in the unusual act of thinking.’
    • ‘My tablemate, Liz left some of her rice, knowing that more good things were to come.’
    • ‘Attorney General Eric Holder patted his pocket as he arrived and said his kids had prepped him with all sorts of questions for tablemate Steven Spielberg.’
    • ‘One of the woman's table mates had returned from a trip to the front of the restaurant bearing a big colorful carving of a parrot on a perch.’
    • ‘These explanations were, despite my best and more detailed efforts, met by indifference, glazed eyes and near hostility by my table mates.’
    • ‘Now we feel a little more tolerant of our table mate than we did when we first heard him. "’
    • ‘My immediate left-hand tablemate is ten years older than me, and looks like he had a lot of late nights in the eighties.’
    • ‘My tablemate eyes the approaching platter, carried by a sweating young Jerusalem hotel chef and his helper.’
    • ‘Their table mates belong to Slow Food Pittsburgh, which is dedicated to good eating.’
    • ‘I did not win any but a tablemate and freind of mine did win a $25 gift certificate to Coldwater Creek, so she said she was going shopping tomorrow.’
    • ‘Our table mates were world travelers, having taken trains in Europe but this was their first ride on Amtrak.’
    • ‘His table mate is also in full phone mode, swapping derogatory stories about Client X with a colleague at the other end of the call.’
    • ‘On a return visit, my 4-year-old tablemate commented, "That looks dangerous" as spatulas and cleavers were tossed in the air.’
    • ‘Full but not defeated, my Rai-Televideo tablemate gets in a last jab before we hand in our marks.’
    • ‘We quickly found common ground with our table mates and shared a wonderful Voignier made by John Schafer, one of our tablemates.’
    • ‘He was practically yelling his opinions to his table mates and shattering the air with his laughter.’