Meaning of tabouret in English:



(also US taboret)
  • A low stool or small table.

    ‘His sketch shows taborets derived from camp furniture and much used at the French imperial court, as well as fantastic ornamental figures serving as couch arms and pedestals for tables.’
    • ‘At Louis XIV's court, entitlement to a stool (tabouret or pliant) depended on rank, and most courtiers had to stand.’
    • ‘When it comes down to it I might never use the taboret or the spun glass pen from Italy.’
    • ‘Despite the apparent formal simplicity, the taboret and the objects on it are deployed with surprising complexity.’



/ˈtabərɛt/ /ˈtabəreɪ/


Mid 17th century from French, ‘stool’, diminutive of tabour ‘drum’ (see tabor).