Meaning of Tabriz rug in English:

Tabriz rug


  • A rug made in Tabriz, the older styles of which typically have a rich decorative medallion pattern.

    ‘Most people who do have Tabriz rugs in Baghdad got them through an inheritance.’
    • ‘The better Tabriz rugs are distinguished by a very precise and tight weave that is very durable.’
    • ‘The palette of Tabriz rugs is diverse, ranging from vivid to pastel, and using numerous colors in one rug.’
    • ‘Although pastel colors are frequently used, you can still find Tabriz rugs of this design with darker colors.’
    • ‘The Tabriz rugs usually have a floral design, while exhibiting a terrific precision of design.’
    • ‘Also, Tabriz rugs are permanently fixed on the floor once they are installed, because they are very heavy to lift.’
    • ‘A favorite device for borders in Tabriz rugs is a succession of small medallions containing inscriptions in the Persian characters.’
    • ‘Though some people prefer to hang their Persian rugs on the wall, the Tabriz rug will stand up to everyday wear and tear on the floor.’
    • ‘The rug-weaving of Tabriz rugs is characterised by an amazingly high level of precision, which naturally increases with the knot density.’
    • ‘Today, natural Tabriz rugs are among the most exquisite natural rugs available in the world, especially those which have silk accents in them.’
    • ‘A Tabriz rug is an example of the astounding and excellent skill that one comes to expect from Persian craftsmanship.’
    • ‘There are many unique design patterns in a Tabriz rug.’