Meaning of tacho in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtakəʊ/

nounplural noun tachos

informal British
short for tachograph or tachometer
‘The instrument cluster is all housed in two pods, with the speedo and the tacho housed well inside those pods, preventing a nosy passenger from peeking.’
  • ‘Apart from some minor trim revisions, the main interior change over the standard model is the instrument panel, the dials of which have silver rather than white faces, with the speedo going to 160 mph and the tacho gaining a ‘shift up’ light.’
  • ‘The needle swept up and down the tacho as I concentrated on my track position.’
  • ‘The large middle dial combines a conventional tacho with a digital speedo enclosed.’
  • ‘I am trying to work out if my tacho is registering the correct rpm's... at say 80kmh in 5th gear what should the tacho read?’
  • ‘The tacho read up to 7000rpm, in reverse direction when compared to speedometers and most other gauges.’