Meaning of tachograph in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtakəɡrɑːf/

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  • A tachometer providing a record of engine speed over a period, especially in a commercial road vehicle.

    ‘The retrieved tachograph had recorded a speed of 122 kilometres per hour at the time of the accident.’
    • ‘This is a powerful indicator to their standing as commercials, and hence they will require a tachograph when towing a trailer for commercial purposes.’
    • ‘Haulage drivers are already affected by tachographs on vehicles and there are quite tough restrictions for how long you can drive and leaving long rest periods.’
    • ‘Either he operated a switch on the tachograph recorder which should only be operated when he is not the driver, or he inserted the disc on which the tachograph mechanically records information in a position which is used by a non-driver.’
    • ‘Since the tachograph requires odometer pulse information, most vehicle models provide such a signal.’
    • ‘The dispute was over the ‘spy in the cab’ use of tachographs, which showed the speed and length of travel.’
    • ‘Tools such as the tachograph, which keeps a record of the distance travelled and rest periods taken, will also be used to enforce the new rules.’
    • ‘Officers would also be checking the vehicle for defects, inspecting the tachograph and checking for any alcohol content in the bodies of the drivers.’
    • ‘He has previously been fined for carrying dangerous loads and not calibrating a tachograph on one of his vehicles.’
    • ‘‘We tend to think of lorry drivers who use tachographs and are obviously expected by law to drive within set limits,’ she said.’
    • ‘A lorry driver in the last ten years of his working life, struggling to cope with modern traffic and trying to deliver goods on time, falsifies his tachograph.’
    • ‘His tachograph showed that the brakes had not been applied at all, said the prosecutor.’
    • ‘Like a black box or tachograph, it also keeps a record of its measurements and could even contact the police or slow or stop the car.’
    • ‘Luckily for him, the bus's tachograph showed that he had in fact been doing 29 mph.’