Meaning of tachykinin in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtakɪˈkʌɪnɪn/


  • Any of a class of substances formed in bodily tissue in response to injury and having a rapid stimulant effect on smooth muscle.

    ‘In general, it has been found that the tachykinins display some elements of secondary structure in appropriate solution environments, though it has been suggested that they undergo rapid conformational exchange.’
    • ‘Intravenous injection of several tachykinins such as substance P and neurokinin A induces plasma extravasation markedly in the trachea and main bronchi and less prominently in the larynx and intrapulmonary airways of guinea pigs.’
    • ‘The symptoms of carcinoid are produced by excess secretion of serotonin, and the flushing by histamine and tachykinins.’
    • ‘They determined whether viral infections alter the expression of tachykinins in vagal afferents.’