Meaning of tacticity in English:


Pronunciation /takˈtɪsɪti/


mass nounChemistry
  • The stereochemical arrangement of the units in the main chain of a polymer.

    ‘The rate of hydrolysis depends not only on the tacticity of the polymer, but probably also on its configurational sequence statistics.’
    • ‘Metallocene catalysts allow for control of tacticity in polyolefins, making it possible to synthesize materials with a wide range of properties from a single monomer.’
    • ‘This association explains strong dependencies of the statistical segment length on tacticity and temperature in the vicinity of the melting point.’
    • ‘It is found that tacticity has no influence on the molecular structure in solution, while it plays a role in the gel state.’
    • ‘These critical deformation rates are themselves influenced by the tacticity of the molecule and can therefore be tailored with careful synthesis.’