Meaning of tactual in English:



another term for tactile
‘One page will contain Braille text that describes a sheep, for example, while the facing page will contain fluffy cotton glued to the page to simulate a tactual representation of the concept ‘sheep.’’
  • ‘It also involves relish or delight, and Edwards followed Locke and Hutcheson in thinking that, like a feeling of tactual pressure or an impression of redness, being pleased or pained is a kind of sensation or perception.’
  • ‘Visual and tactual sense-data do this directly, the others indirectly, as explained above.’
  • ‘‘Joy's work is very textural, very tactual,’ he says.’
  • ‘A stroke subsequently damaging the visual area in a female blind from birth, destroyed her ability to read Braille by touch; clearly her visual cortex had earlier been recruited for tactual processing.’
  • ‘I find it almost impossible to believe that I have never, neither in visual nor in tactual perception, been in direct contact with any of the persons that I like.’
  • ‘In a tactual contact our body is next to the thing we are in contact with, but in a visual contact this is not the case; and I do not think that the concept of visual contact is a metaphor.’
  • ‘Most recently, advanced imaging techniques have been used to examine which parts of the brain are active during particular tactual tasks in awake humans.’
  • ‘Private space is built out of the various visual, tactual, and other experiences which a perceiver coordinates into a matrix with himself at the centre.’
  • ‘Touching an object for a longer time and still misinterpreting the tactual impression makes things worse.’
  • ‘What she was aware of was the tactual impression of a sharp edge, or the lack of such.’
  • ‘As the disk and platen rotate, the embossing heads are quietly pressed into the recording medium so as to leave both a visual and tactual impression.’



/ˈtaktʃʊəl/ /ˈtaktjʊəl/