Meaning of taenia in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtiːnɪə/

nounplural noun taeniae/ˈtiːnɪiː/ , plural noun taenias

(also US tenia)
  • 1Anatomy
    A flat ribbon-like structure in the body.

    ‘These sites lie always between the mesenteric tenia and the two antimesenteric teniae, so that the diverticula form rows along the lateral surfaces of the organ.’
    • ‘The longitudinal muscle layer continues between the teniae as a thin but complete coat.’
    • ‘Here, we have shown the pilae ossifying dorsally, as an irregular sheet of bone running roughly between the pila antotica and a similar band of cartilage which comes off the top of the otic capsule, the taenia marginalis.’
    • ‘The ingestion of undercooked pork infected with cysticerci is the exclusive path to the development of intestinal taenia, which closes the life cycle of the parasite.’
    1. 1.1The smooth longitudinal muscles of the colon.
      ‘Bundles of muscle from the teniae coli penetrate the circular layer at irregular intervals.’
      • ‘The three taeniae coli converge at the base of the vermiform appendix on the cecum.’
      • ‘Hanging off the taeniae coli are pouches called epiploic appendages.’
      • ‘Contraction of the teniae coli exerts pressure on the wall and creates a series of pouches, called haustra, along the colon.’
      • ‘It begins at the cecum, with the teniae coli.’
  • 2Architecture
    A fillet between a Doric architrave and frieze.

  • 3(in ancient Greece) a band or ribbon worn round a person's head.

  • 4A large tapeworm which parasitizes mammals.

    Genus Taenia, class Cestoda: several species, in particular T. saginata and T. soleum


Mid 16th century (in taenia (sense 2)): via Latin from Greek tainia ‘band, ribbon’.