Meaning of TAFE in English:


Pronunciation /teɪf/


  • Technical and Further Education, a system of tertiary education offering courses mainly in technical and vocational subjects.

    ‘TAFE provides hands-on learning that really boosts confidence’
    • ‘We're now hoping this will become part of the TAFE curriculum.’
    • ‘The TAFE courses on offer are very elementary courses.’
    • ‘The next stage, from school to work or university or TAFE, is also critical.’
    • ‘The shop has great discounts for University and TAFE students.’
    • ‘Many courses make use of classrooms, laboratories, kitchens, art studios and libraries of high schools or TAFE campuses.’
    • ‘We loved the result so we did a TAFE course on bonsai.’
    • ‘I love that I had the chance to study at university and TAFE at the same time.’
    • ‘TAFE's focus varies, thus, from the university honours program.’
    • ‘Often a number of students in a writing workshop at TAFE level have attended workshop-style classes before.’
    • ‘What are you going to do when you finish the TAFE course?’


  • A college offering courses in technical and vocational subjects.

    ‘more than half of Australia's universities and TAFEs use this software’
    • ‘Enrolment in a local TAFE to continue a subject not offered in the new school is an example of assistance that may be provided.’
    • ‘There will be an information session at Lismore TAFE.’
    • ‘Are you employed by a university or TAFE?’
    • ‘Wollongbar TAFE's garden will be open for viewing this Sunday.’
    • ‘Once in the TAFEs or Universities they would seek their own funding - scholarships, loans or saving.’
    • ‘Less than half the $27.5 million fee windfall would be returned to TAFEs to cover increased operating costs.’
    • ‘Universities and TAFEs use similar strategies to court links with industry and commerce.’
    • ‘The Government's lack of support for local TAFEs is appalling.’
    • ‘The TAFEs would have a clear role - they would provide the tertiary training dedicated to enhancing employment and earning capacity.’
    • ‘Having taught in TAFEs, community colleges and universities and enjoyed all three, I don't see the distinction between training and educating as amounting to much.’