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tag line


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informal North American
  • A catchphrase or slogan, especially as used in advertising, or the punchline of a joke.

    • ‘‘struggling to save their marriage’ is a tabloid tag line that has become permanently affixed to the couple’
    • ‘The National Thoroughbred Racing Association introduced a new advertising campaign with the tag line, ‘Who do you like today?’’
    • ‘McKinnon suggested a possible tag line: ‘He's been wrong for 32 years, he's wrong now.’’
    • ‘But occasionally a tag line is great, and it makes a difference.’
    • ‘In a tag line, the columnist described it as a question ‘we all need an answer to.’’
    • ‘Searching for a tag line that could be excerpted for publicity purposes, I couldn't come up with one.’
    • ‘More and more the issues are not important, but who has a better tag line.’
    • ‘Well, I once had an email tag line that said ‘If you keep going where you've always gone, you'll end up where you've always been.’’
    • ‘The tag line is ‘So good, it doesn't even know it's low carb.’’
    • ‘He notes that plans call for a press conference ‘within a week or two’ to officially announce the bout and kick off the promotion, which does not yet have an official tag line.’
    • ‘The tag line is actually nice ‘Finally, someone has taken the ‘shopping’ out of buying.’’
    • ‘Building on the brand's long history with bicycles, the Micro tag line is ‘Nothing moves you like the original.’’
    • ‘Often used as the tag line for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, it refers to the fact that the event's bouts are as close to a real fight as the law and the fighters' safety permit.’
    • ‘With the tag line of ‘empowering children through the art of photography,’ Kids with Cameras was first conceived back in 2002.’
    • ‘In looking to promote the World Golf Championships American Express Championship, they have a little tag line on the front that simply says The World is Watching.’
    • ‘A few decades ago a television commercial finished with the tag line, ‘We thank you for your support.’’
    • ‘Based on this information, the tag line for the campaign is: ‘The sheer joy of shopping.’’
    • ‘For example, if you have an attention-getting, yet professional logo with a memorable tag line, it can make an impression that sticks.’
    • ‘She tapped Foley Sackett, also in Minneapolis, to design a logo and create the tag line: Your Money, Your Future.’
    • ‘The tag line for 13 Days is ‘You'll Never Believe How Close We Came,’ but in fact you will believe it and easily.’
    • ‘The trailer ended with the tag line, ‘If you let the world change you, you can change the world.’’
    catchphrase, catchline, catchword, jingle, saying, formula, legend