Meaning of taiapure in English:


Pronunciation /tʌɪˈɑːpʊreɪ/


  • 1New Zealand A coastal fishing area of special significance to Maori people.

    ‘twenty-two kilometres of coastline in East Otago has been designated a taiapure since 2001’
    • ‘If we can have a foreshore and seabed reserve, and a marine reserve, and an aquamarine management area, and a taiapure, how do they all fit with each other?’
    • ‘All fishing (including commercial fishing) can continue in a taiapure.’
    • ‘The application must clearly state the geographic location and boundaries of the proposed taiapure so that the public can easily identify the site.’
    • ‘The committee provides advice and recommendations to the minister for the formulation of regulations to manage the taiapure.’
    • ‘An appropriate entity writes to the chief executive requesting the establishment of a taiapure.’
    • ‘Taiapure are marine habitat areas which are under close observation by fisheries and local people.’
    • ‘Certain taiapure operate better and are more successful than others in New Zealand, and we want to understand why this is.’
    • ‘We are discussing the locations of the eight taiapure in New Zealand.’
    • ‘The area of the taiapure should be clearly outlined.’
    • ‘The Fisheries Act 1983 plays a huge role in why there are taiapure in New Zealand.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Guardianship over a coastal fishing area.
      ‘the Fisheries Act establishes taiapure and gives customary rights to Maori’
      • ‘I think there is enormous opportunity to develop management around our coastlines along the lines of taiapure.’
      • ‘It is referred to in the existing legislation as taiapure under the Fisheries Act 1996.’
      • ‘How will the government's new proposals incorporate customary rights, and in what way will they differ from existing customary usage of taiapure?’
      • ‘Taiapure is a management tool established in an area that has been of special significance to an iwi or hapu as a source of food or for spiritual or cultural reasons.’
      • ‘Taiapure can be established over any area of estuarine or coastal waters to make better provisions for the rights secured under the treaty.’
      • ‘Taiapure makes provision for a management committee to be established.’
      • ‘The application should state the management objectives for the taiapure.’
      • ‘The proposal should identify the effect the taiapure is likely to have on all the user and interest groups currently involved in the area.’
      • ‘Taiapure is a form of marine habitat management where a quota system is put in place on what people can take from these designated areas.’
      • ‘Taiapure is set up by a commission that is overseen by the Minister of Fisheries.’