Meaning of taikonaut in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʌɪkənɔːt/


  • A Chinese astronaut.

    ‘Do we have an option of giving any degree of privacy to this planet's astronauts, cosmonauts, and taikonauts?’
    • ‘The four launches since 1999 of the Shenzhou (Divine or Sacred Vessel) spacecraft intended to launch the taikonauts into orbit evidence substantial Chinese technical achievement and the seriousness of the program.’
    • ‘In fact, Chinese television showed a lengthy documentary on first taikonaut Yang Liwei's flight, complete with behind the scenes footage of his training.’
    • ‘Suspended from a giant parachute, the bronze-colored capsule carrying the taikonaut, coined from the Chinese word for space, touched down at around 6.23 am after a 21-hour journey that took him around the world 14 times.’
    • ‘The Shenzhou capsule is reportedly able to carry three or four taikonauts, though it is likely that the initial flight will carry only one.’
    • ‘Colonel Yang Liwei, China's first taikonaut, orbited the Earth for barely a day before returning, slightly shaken, to a landing in Mongolia.’
    • ‘Per the Beijing Morning Post, they have a three-step plan: a taikonaut in space, establishment of a space laboratory, and eventually setting up a space station.’


Blend of Chinese taikong ‘outer space’ and astronaut.