Meaning of tail-walk in English:



no object, usually with adverbial of direction
  • (of a fish) move over the surface of water by propulsion with the tail.

    ‘sailfish tail-walk along the surface of the water’
    • ‘But when a 10-pounder erupts on your dry fly and tail-walks downstream, it's all worthwhile.’
    • ‘The bass charged up to the surface, thrashing its head from side to side, and tail-walking across the water.’
    • ‘It came out of the water tail-walking, big as a whale.’
    • ‘Another bass hit my small imitative frog pattern and went off tail-walking with its gills flaring.’
    • ‘You know what happens next: once the fish felt the water shallowing, it simply tail-walked, shaking his head and that was the end of that.’