Meaning of tail comb in English:

tail comb


  • A comb with a tapering tail or handle used in styling to lift, divide, or curl the hair.

    ‘Using a rat tail comb gently create a series of hair loops that are pulled loose from the Twist.’
    • ‘We never use mane and tail combs because they break the hair.’
    • ‘It is anticipated that a set of three or four such clip-on combs having different tooth spacings may be purchased by a hairdresser and these clipped on to a conventional tail comb as required.’
    • ‘The tail of a tail comb is then woven through the section and lifted, thereby separating tufts of hair from the section.’
    • ‘Use a tail comb to tuck ends of hair around rollers, lift and section hair for rollers and clean loose hair from brushes.’