Meaning of tail light in English:

tail light

Pronunciation /ˈteɪl lʌɪt/


(also tail lamp)
  • A red light at the rear of a motor vehicle, train, or bicycle.

    ‘You can find in this store high beam Toyota headlights, Ford Headlights, Chevy tail lights, Honda tail lights and more.’
    • ‘Finally, I bumped in to the back of a car at the traffic lights in Newry and smashed the rear tail light.’
    • ‘‘The brightness of an adaptive tail light of this kind will be tailored to the prevailing conditions and replace the rear fog lamp,’ says Dr. Huhn.’
    • ‘The tail lamps have gone from something of a cat's eye appearance to being much more integrated with the C-pillar, which has a character line that is flush with the top of the tail lamp.’
    • ‘However, unlike the Buicks of the recent past, the tail lamp is not a single cross-car strip, but simply at each of the corners.’
    • ‘Worn on your upper arm, it rides higher than a bike-mounted headlight or tail lamp, which puts it closer to motorists' eye level.’
    • ‘Our child would see me change the tail light in the car and fix broken furniture.’
    • ‘The car was unmistakable, definitely the same shimmering red 1965 Ford Mustang Classic with the chipped paint right above the right tail light, and the large dent in the bumper.’
    • ‘We have a report of a broken tail light so we'll just check that out now.’
    • ‘If you misjudge a turn and slide into the barrier you may get off lucky with a broken tail light, or you may totally shatter the window depending on how hard the car hits.’
    • ‘Even the LED tail light, embossed with the Moto Guzzi eagle emblem, is special.’
    • ‘About three years down the lane, after selling over 5,200 vehicles in Kerala, we have refined the interiors and the headlight, grill, front bumper and tail lamp of our vehicles, based on customer feedback.’
    • ‘Also available are stylish headlights, wheels and hubcaps, mirrors, tail lights, fog lights, and grilles.’
    • ‘As I neared the rear of the silver CTS, its rear tail lamps and reverse lights began blinking, to get my attention.’
    • ‘Auto parts such as mirrors, tail lights, headlights, radiators, wheels, are also available in a pocket-friendly price.’
    • ‘Different kinds of lights are also available here at Auto Parts Deal; these include the finest Toyota tail lights, Chevrolet headlights, and Jeep fog lights.’
    • ‘There were headlights, floodlights, tail lights and spot lights.’
    • ‘Officers say red lights are dangerous as from a distance they look like brake lights or rear tail lights, while blue or green lights could appear to be emergency service vehicles from a distance.’
    • ‘High intensity discharge xenon headlamps are available as an option, while the rear LEO tail lamps are standard equipment.’
    • ‘If you are driving at night, check the headlights and tail lights.’