Meaning of tail rhyme in English:

tail rhyme


  • A rhyme involving couplets, triplets, or stanzas, each with a tag or additional short line.

    ‘In addition to these tail rhymes all of the lines, bar the refrain, include at least two internal rhymes and usually even more than that.’
    • ‘I will have to consult the rest of the jury but I can venture a guess that tail rhymes are not allowed but assonance and consonance are fair game.’
    • ‘With the exception of A Mery Gest, whose metre Edwards describes as a form of tail rhyme, all of More's poetry (including the Pico Verse translations) are written in rhyme royal.’
    • ‘In traditional tail-rhymes, they further learned, the "caudal line," or tail, is shorter than the rhyming couplets that precede it.’
    • ‘All the authors wrote in an indigenous English verse form, tail-rhyme, which was used almost exclusively for romances and, from the mid-fourteenth century on replaced the French-derived couplet of earlier Middle English narratives.’