Meaning of taildragger in English:


Pronunciation /ˈteɪldraɡə/


  • An aeroplane whose undercarriage includes a tailwheel or tail skid rather than a nose wheel.

    ‘The usual places for rust are at the rear of the fuselage in the taildraggers and inside the door frames and in the strut carry-through in the belly of nosedraggers.’
    • ‘It was hard to fault the result, as the Cruisair 14-13 and Cruisemaster 14-19 taildraggers were among the most efficient airplanes in their respective classes, despite their seemingly antiquated triple-tail construction.’
    • ‘Some taildraggers have a deserved reputation as squirrels during landings, but the Super Decathlon isn't one of them.’
    • ‘Try to make all landings main gear first unless you're flying a taildragger.’
    • ‘Cessna started building C - 120 and C - 140 two-seat taildraggers.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for Aeronca, the era of taildraggers was almost over when they began producing the Sedan.’
    • ‘An agile taildragger with plenty of wing, the Decathlon's configuration is perfectly adapted to short-field work.’
    • ‘Maule offered a less powerful, nosewheel trainer version of its M7 bush bird taildragger.’
    • ‘The Dewoitine D.342 was a low - wing taildragger but it did not enjoy a commercial success.’
    • ‘Even when an airplane is firmly on the ground, control of a tricycle or taildragger at 60 knots can be dicey.’