Meaning of tailed in English:


Pronunciation /teɪld/


  • 1in combination Having a tail of a specified kind.

    ‘a long-tailed lizard’
    • ‘white-tailed eagles’
    • ‘He's devoting his professional life to studying the brush-tailed rock wallaby.’
    • ‘In the backyard, four bushy-tailed squirrels scamper up to the screen door, chattering loudly.’
    • ‘Today, black-tailed prairie dogs are limited to less than 1 percent of their historic range.’
    • ‘The red-tailed hawks circle and plummet into the valley between our hill and the next.’
    • ‘The Short-tailed Albatross is an extremely rare bird.’
    1. 1.1(of a garment) having a lower or hanging part, especially at the back of a coat.
      ‘a tailed jacket’
      • ‘he always wore a long-tailed coat’
      • ‘Use traditional motifs if you want to re-create a particular period flavour, with windows dressed with lace panels, over simple Holland blinds and under richly sagged-and-tailed drapes for example.’
      • ‘He kept his hair very short, and indoors he wore an old-fashioned swallow-tailed coat, refusing to adopt the formal fashion of his day.’
      • ‘A small figure in a long-tailed leather jacket came pelting down the steps.’
      • ‘She wore a perfectly cut full-tailed tuxedo jacket.’
      • ‘The constable's uniform consisted of a top hat representing authority and a tailed jacket for servitude, because although the police were considered public servants they were also the public's masters.’