Meaning of tailless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈteɪlləs/


See tail

‘The comet, tailless and misshapen, appeared as expected in 1839 and 1846, before vanishing, confounding astronomers who waited patiently in 1852, 1859 and 1866.’
  • ‘Chimpanzees are large, hairy and tailless; females weigh between 30-40 kg, while males can reach 180 kg.’
  • ‘Towhees were abundant, and I saw a newly fledged, almost tailless cardinal crashing around in a bush.’
  • ‘The air vehicle is 8.2m long, 2.1m high, with a 10.3m wing and is of tailless design.’
  • ‘Our own species' compulsion to selectively breed any animal that can be kept as a pet led to a trade in ‘fancy’ mice, those with odd coat colors and forms (including tailless Manx mice).’