Meaning of tailorable in English:


Pronunciation /ˈteɪlərəb(ə)l/


  • Able to be adapted for a particular purpose or person.

    ‘a highly tailorable interface’
    • ‘these packages are tailorable to the needs of individual companies’
    • ‘Our recent combat operations reinforce the requirements for units and echelons that are flexible and tailorable.’
    • ‘The teams are tailorable to meet different mission requirements and deploy rapidly to any threat area.’
    • ‘It's a virtual-reality-based application to be used alongside traditional web browsers, which provides them with a flexible, tailorable real-time visualization of their history.’
    • ‘We should be able to swap in our own favorite window manager with tailorable behaviors.’
    • ‘There are 1000s of tailorable designs to choose from.’
    • ‘Tailorable data is available through a subscription service, helping businesses to identify companies that have an imminent need for their products and services.’
    • ‘To accomodate the varying demands on the clipboard, a tailorable display allows users to home in on the information which is important to the type of missions they are scheduling.’
    • ‘Land-component forces chosen for lethal strikes are often highly tailorable Marine expeditionary units.’
    • ‘It will expand the capabilities of these systems into a system that is rapidly deployable, tailorable and scalable to meet the needs of the land component commander.’