Meaning of Taiwanese in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtʌɪwəˈniːz/

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  • Relating to or characteristic of Taiwan or its people.

    ‘internationally successful Taiwanese filmmakers’
    • ‘We had a lot of electronic music written for the film, by a Taiwanese musician.’
    • ‘He is thus the only Taiwanese naive artist to have a whole museum devoted to his works.’
    • ‘Taiwanese performance art has become less confrontational and more concerned with issues of Taiwanese identity.’
    • ‘The watch commemorates the 116th anniversary of the founding of the Taiwanese railway system.’
    • ‘He asks, "what kind of new 'pidgin cuisine' identity-speak was I cooking up here - part Italian, part Taiwanese, part Korean, part Hawaiian".’

nounplural noun Taiwanese

  • A native or inhabitant of Taiwan, or a person of Taiwanese descent.

    ‘the Taiwanese can apply their expertise in making complex components for small spaces’
    • ‘The film presents a beautifully delineated portrait of a generation of Taiwanese cut off from their society's traditional values.’
    • ‘Many Taiwanese are proud of what the 101 Tower represents, even if high prices keep the designer shops off limits to them.’
    • ‘While the shops will attract the consumer-happy Taiwanese, the mall is really conceived to attract foreign visitors.’
    • ‘The "7th graders" generation refers to the 7th decade of Taiwanese born after the beginning of the republic of China in 1911, that is, Taiwanese born between 1981 and 1990.’
    • ‘He devotes himself to the task of educating the younger generation among the Taiwanese.’