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take a hike

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informal North American
  • usually in imperative Go away (used as an expression of irritation or annoyance).

    • ‘At the end of its first season, Carmel had a salary dispute with Señor Arnaz and took a hike - or at least, that was the official story.’
    • ‘I wanna tell her to take a hike, Jack, like that guy told my dad when we went to Canada that one summer.’
    • ‘What are we waiting for to tell the bankers to take a hike and become financially autonomous?’
    • ‘After years of mostly losing seasons with the Lions, the fun vanished from the game when Barry took a hike.’
    • ‘The biggest danger is that big-city owners may say, we're taking a hike and the NHL as an entity just collapses.’
    • ‘We'll look at a report that says the Baby Boom generation could save America's job market by taking a hike.’
    • ‘And while the sweet sensation takes a hike, the tongue remains as sensitive as always to salty and sour tastes.’
    • ‘‘I called once for registration and they told me to take a hike,’ she recalls.’
    • ‘Okay, well why don't you call them and tell them to take a hike, and I'm going to go back to bed.’
    • ‘But if she doesn't like him at all, why not tell him to take a hike?’
    go away, get out, leave
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