Meaning of take a poke at someone in English:

take a poke at someone


  • 1informal Hit or punch someone.

    • ‘There are advantages and disadvantages to this; the advantage is that, done in a crowded situation, you don't have to be the immediate suspect if you take a poke at someone whose back is turned.’
    • ‘But, like his twin before, he too took a poke at me, which just barely missed as I ducked behind mom, who was frowning in disapproval.’
    • ‘Plus, there are these guys I had a bit of an altercation with last week who'd love to take a poke at me, and I ain't about to help them out.’
    • ‘Greengrass came barreling into second like a football blocker this time and I came up thinking I might as well take a poke at him.’
    1. 1.1Criticize someone.
      • ‘he took a poke at the tournament's sponsors, a cigarette company’
      • ‘He also took a poke at Panday's popular statement of giving his blood, sweat and tears to build the UNC.’
      • ‘And of course I couldn't resist taking a poke at Justice Moore and his Ten Commandments monument.’
      • ‘She shows depth on the inspirational ‘Get Up Again,’ and the grown-up ‘Our Child,’ and takes a poke at her detractors on ‘You Will Never.’’
      • ‘Here it was, Thursday, the fourth day I've had coffee with these fellows, and it's the first time I hear him take a poke at Ivan.’
      • ‘Cruelty to Intel now seems to be socially-acceptable, while taking a poke at AMD is right up there with fox hunting and baby seal clubbing.’
      • ‘Assuming everything goes as planned and Kerry and Edwards both show up for it, he has a chance to take a poke at Kerry.’