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take after

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phrasal verb

  • take after someoneResemble a parent or ancestor.

    ‘the rest of us take after our mother’
    • ‘May you take after your wonderful parents, and my treasured friends who share your name.’
    • ‘Aikane, who seemed to take after neither parent and yet fitted in perfectly with the family, was the sweetest, most genuine person Kai knew.’
    • ‘The rest of us took after our grandmother's people, the recipients of a strong gene of predictable traits, like the double chins much in evidence on every other relative in my field of vision.’
    • ‘And of course, George takes after my mother a lot.’
    • ‘I just hope though that the kids take after their mother.’
    • ‘He was blonde and resembled his mother while his sisters took after their father.’
    • ‘Katherine could tell she took after her mother.’
    • ‘I took after my mother, at least Pa always told me so.’
    • ‘Scarlett always said that he took after his grandparents rather than his parents.’
    • ‘Pete took after his mother in slimness, but was the tallest in the family, beating his father by an inch.’
    resemble, look like, be like, be similar to, bear a resemblance to, have the look of
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